The art of Bengal is emotional and decorative. It has a romantic perception and emphasizes on depicting collective feelings. It adds to our lifestyle by being traditional and helps us to gather knowledge about our roots through the appreciation of our folk subjects. Communicating powerful ideas and great form of learning and expression heritage art is a medium to showcase our culture and tradition to the world. 


Hence, the philosophy of Vaishnavism, that the ruler of Malla dynasty of Bishnupur had believed, is depicted through the terracotta artwork of those times. On the other hand, pattachitra depicts the lifestyle of the people in Bengal during the oral tradition; the time that had not been scripted on pen and paper. However, this particular artwork has gone through transformation with time, and today the “singing painter” not only narrates the mythological story of Manasamangal and Shoto Pir, rather they narrate the so-called “non-traditional” themes. It depicts the Hindu-Muslim conflict; talks about the British colonialism and also sarcastically portray the political rulers who turn a deaf ear to their problems. Even stories of India and Bangladesh independence are narrated through the beautiful paintings that have been crafted by the village patuas.


The tradition of showcasing ideas and expression through various art forms continue even in the modern era. For instance, Kalighat paintings of Jamini Roy depict the lifestyle of contemporary rural Bengal, along with the mythological story of Ramayana. He had also depicted the life of the aboriginal people in West Bengal such as the Santhals through his works. The Kalighat pata not only has inspired Jamini Roy but other artists such as Nirode Mazumdar and Paritosh Sen, who believed that the revival of this art form is important because it is not something that has neither being derived nor being influenced by the European style of painting.


Thus, we can say that heritage art is not just any decorative piece of work. It helps us to know our past, our culture, the themes of folk mannerisms, the civilization of Bengal and its antiquity, political situations and the various movements that had shaped the society.