Durga Puja is the most celebrated occasion in Kolkata. Durga Puja in Kolkata sees a blending of a lot of things – religions, various art forms, culture etc. From pandal to idol making all are done mostly by people from the rural background.


Goddesses Durga was formed with the power of all the gods. When they were troubled by Mahisasur after he received a boon from Mahadev they sought refuge under the trinity, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar (Shiva). The trinity along with all other gods or the devtas formed goddesses Durga with their power and gifted their best weapons to her to fight Mahishashur, which is why she is also called ‘Mahishashurmardini’. The Durga Puja that is celebrated nowadays started when Rama worshipped the goddesses of power before going for the battle with Ravana in the month of ‘Ashwin’ or autumn; instead of the usual spring time celebrations. As it was done in the autumn time instead of its usual time Durga Puja is also known as Akal Bodhon (out-of-season worship).


Durga, Puja, especially in the City of Joy, has evolved with time. Puja committees these days go for theme pujo. Kolkata had witnessed a forty-foot tall idol in a renowned puja pandal, another club made their idol wore few tons of gold jewelry, and Durga idol with one thousand hands again created a buzz in the city. There are few other clubs who prefers to blend theme and mythology by keeping the theme of Nabadurga (nine different forms of Devi Durga) in the theme based pandals. Few puja committees come up with themes based on the farmers, fishermen, pandal makers of Bengal giving us a glimpse of how their life looks like. There are few notable themes that we have seen in past few years like the evolution of Devi Durga, tribute to the kumortuli artisans, globalization, effects of technology on environment, birth of universe, war and peace, scientific achievements etc.


The human mind has infinite possibilities and thoughts, the puja pandals are product of these thoughts. During Durga Puja one can witness the whole of rural and urban Bengal come together for celebrations.