At the time of renovating our home, a lot of things come to our minds definitely. We can use reusable materials, which is alternative to plastics that do not harm our environment. It is our duty to ascertain that our environment should be a plastic-free zone, thus we must make own eco-friendly home with natural décor.


Bengal is the cultural hub for conventional and tribal artworks since ancient time. There is distinctive pattern of art which is known as tribal art or folk art. Walls can be decorated with these artefacts and artworks and it will enhance the ethnicity of your home. The works of art will permeate positive vibes and fresh aesthetic delicacy in your living environment. This form of art includes paintings, potteries, ornaments and figures which talk about the intrinsic cultural value of Bengal.


These traditional artefacts can lure the hearts of anyone. Since plastic degradation works as contributory factors to climate change, so we should opt more for these natural artefact to save our environment from plastic pollution. The fascinating collection are so attractive and those talks about the ancient incredible culture of ours. You can decorate your home with a lavish collection of ethnic tribal crafts and live a majestic and vibrant life.


Revamp your home with Tribal Décor Hacks

The folk arts are drawn from the tribal Santhal community and the expression of arts depicts emotions, inner-self and the everyday life of that tribal community and these are called Patachitra. They bring simple themes such wedding, harvesting, doing daily chores alive with splashes of colours. These mundane ideas later proved to be a sophisticated one for decorating home. They use materials such as mud or rice powders to paint walls and canvases. Even they use cloth based canvas.


Jamini Roy was the iconic painter whose art works can also be ideal and it will infuse your home décor with tinge of uniqueness and therefore making it favourite for art aesthete. His paintings are based on the Kalighat pat style. He brought a greatest sensibility to folk art and turned over the western materials and instead of that he used simple paper, cane, cloth as canvas. Thus these non-plastic materials are safe and earth-friendly alternatives to refurbish your sweet home.


The Terracotta is the oldest form of art and it is still an existing form of handicraft. These conventional clay arts have been around us since the Indus Valley Civilisation. The five elements are earth, air, water, fire and space and these are amalgamated to create those fascinating works. All these natural art forms help us to take up green revolution and we must refuse the use of plastic with this alternative and effective way.


Bring Home Nature with Afolkstore

In the folk art painting, natural dyes are used, which is full of bright colours that emit positive energy. These natural colours have ingredients such as wheat paste, turmeric, earth pigment etc. They are very safe and will never harm the environment like plastic colour does. We have learned from this rustic people the importance of nature; hence, in our packaging also we do not use plastic. So this is relatively easy way to give your home an exotic feel.